Sunday, August 7, 2016

Getting a Jump on the Portfolio Review

Well, after a week the one item on my B&H order that was not in stock arrived and my order is at last on its way. I have never had B&H hold an order for an out of stock item before--very disappointing. Now it will probably be scheduled to arrive on the Forth and that means another days delay.

Had a productive day today for a change in spite of being hacked at B&H. I have been toying with a number of ideas for the portfolio review this year. I do a dozen portfolios a years--up to the point of making them into portfolios. So I just picked one, got all the images processed and off to the printer. l may do one or two more before October but now at least I have something tangible in case I go off into another blue funk.

This isn't one that made the cut for the portfolio but will give an idea of where I'm headed. Considered doing one on New Orleans at Halloween or on Small Manifestations or half dozen other things before I settled on the Via Colori from last November.

In all, I processed twenty five images, narrowed that down to fourteen that I sent to the printer and will probably narrow that down to ten or twelve.

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