Sunday, July 10, 2016

Kemah Boardwalk Fireworks with NWHPC


 This time I went with the 17-35mm so that I could get the boats and reflections in the water. This was more what I had in mind on the previous shoot but couldn't accomplish because they moved the barge closer to the boardwalk.

I set everything on manual, focus, aperture and shutter speed. These are at ISO 200 but 100 will work. I set the lens to infinity because there is no way I can focus before or during the firing. I set the shutter speed to around 15 seconds to start so that I can catch several bursts but I will vary the shutter speed during the shoot, especially toward the end so that I will not blow out a lot when the bursts are coming closer together and overlapping more and I cut it down to 4 to 6 seconds max.

Some of the above photos are single shots, many are composites where I pick out bursts that go together and combine them into one image in Paint Shop Pro. I do not use Lightroom or Photoshop. The only thing that matter to me is the final image. How I get there is immaterial.


  1. these are absolutely gorgeous, Gary. I'm jealous!!!

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  3. Outstanding images. Great job of putting images together. Appreciate the info on camera settings as well. Again, just outstanding.

  4. Clayton, thank you.I have struggled for years trying to do fireworks with at best very poor results. I have really enjoyed shooting at Kemah.