Thursday, June 2, 2016

Smither Park

Smither Park, a part of the Orange Show organization that is in charge of The Orange Show (also on Munger), the Art Car Parade and the Beer Can House. It is located on Munger Street maybe three or four blocks east of I-45. It is an art project which I first photographed about three years ago. There is a eight foot high wall that is about one and a half blocks long. The wall has been decorated by what I have always called ‘found objects art.’ At that time I understood that the artwork done along the wall was done by members of the community. I recently shot there and met the lady that oversees the warehouse where the objects donated to be used in the art work is stored and sorted. Her version was somewhat different. Apparently the construction has changed and is now done mostly by artists from all over Houston. There are still a few pieces that I recall from the first visit, some still unfinished. Many that I remember are no longer there. Whatever, it is a very interesting place to photograph other people’s art and no one seems to care if you do.
Paula Powers and I shot there on a weekend day and there were a number of artists working on various parts of the wall as well as on a pavilion and a band shell which have been recently added. The pavilion is being decorated by high school students. Everyone seemed to welcome our photography.
Alcy and I went back a few days later during the week and there were only a couple of people working on the wall. The pavilion and the band shell are supposed to be finished in August.
This is a few of the photographs. They were shot a couple of weeks ago after the flood so I didn't have a macro which is needed. I did receive the replacement macro today so I need to get back to the wall.


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