Thursday, June 9, 2016

How Do I Put This?

Up at 6am, to Houston Eye for the last cataract surgery well before my appointment at 8am. Finally processed and in the chair. The young lady plugged me into the monitors and things went downhill from there. My heart rate was a little high. EMS was called and I spent most of the day in ER at St Luke's Heart Institute. I've never been in ER on consecutive days a time in my life. As the cardiologist was finishing up I asked if they had not over reacted at Houston Eye and he seemed to think that they had which is what I thought all along. There was a long lecture about elective surgery which I think he said that over reacting was allowed, I think. I often have to guess at doctor speak.

Got three new prescriptions. Read the warning and they all sounded a lot worse than what I had. So I am going to see another cardiologist before I start taking them. When you put DO NOT STOP TAKING THIS MEDICATION and DO NOT DRIVE in caps in the warnings I get a little leery. I was never sure that Janet's medications were not doing more harm than good. They took one off the market shortly before she passed away.

And the adventure continues. This morning Alcy’s car would not start so with AAA assistance she was off to get the battery replaced. I have read several times within the past couple of months of alligators eating people in Florida, mosquitos causing birth defects and rain washing away a lot of Texas. Maybe I don’t want any meds at all. The Apocalypse can't be far behind. 

I woke up at 5am this morning feeling a little anxious from all the attention yesterday. Fortunately I had an email from Beauregard that I sat down and answered. Took my mind off the problems and after a couple of hours I was able to get back to sleep—until 10am. Feeling pretty good right now but not happy about having to see more doctors.

Going to a Paula Puffer lecture this evening. That will set the world right once again.


  1. second opinions always a good idea, especially with something as important as our hearts!

  2. Thanks Jan. I am going to see another cardiologist as much as I hate the thought of another doctor. I am not entirely sure that the problem was not the result of the procedure the day before to clean out the abscess in my arm pits plus the new antibiotic I was taking. I called the eye doctor about the 'spider bites' the day before but he didn't seem to think that would be a problem. So, even though the doctor I saw was at St Luke's which is the premier heart hospital in Houston I don't want to get locked into prescriptions that I may not actually need.

  3. I understand. Hopefully a second opinion will clear up any questions you have. You don't want to take something you don't need, but you also don't want to not take something you do need. I've come to believe that everything in my life now (when it comes to my health and medications) is a trade-off. :(