Friday, June 17, 2016

Consignment Shop Again

Yesterday, Alcy shot some small figures at the consignment shop we were in. She really liked the figures but she didn't like the photos she got so she wanted to go back to reshoot. After breakfast we headed over. It is a good thing that we did because while we were there a fellow picked up a half dozen of the best figures to purchase.

We wandered around the shop and I reshot several of the manikins I had photographed yesterday. Alcy mentioned to the shop owner that they had a interestingly eclectic collection of merchandise and asked where she got it. The owner said that she just got what she found interesting and that she was a little strange.

I thought she was perfectly normal but that is probably because I am a little strange. There is a sizable collection of life size Halloween figures but that is not what I found most interesting.

I have shot unclothed manikins in a number of shops in the past and there is one blue one here that I photographed. But it, because of the color, looks more like a sculpture than a manikin. However, there are three adult manikins that I found more difficult to raise the camera to my eye because they are partially dressed. Yes, I have probably shot partially dressed manikins before but never ones that were dressed only above the waist. 

You feel a little perverted photographing manikins that are totally naked below the waist. Young people can possibly do that but for old people that is almost a Captain Kangaroo No No. Okay, so I am perverted.

The most interesting is a male manikin that is near the entrance, right next to the counter where the lady that checks you out works--that was the most difficult. He is wearing only a military cap and a woman's fringed jacket. He is holding a woman's tote. Yesterday I shot two in the back of the store but today I was determined to shoot the one in the front. None of them are good photographs--or even necessarily interesting. But sometimes you just have to do what you find difficult so in my opinion they are successful.

The male manikin in the back is also wearing a woman's fringed jacket but with the lens I was using I could only show the jacket from the back. This begs the question as to the intended content. Maybe the owner is just being whimsical or maybe it is a comment on her opinion of men. Shortly after we talked with her she left with a man that I assumed to be her husband. They both appeared quite normal. I really wanted to ask but I thought just getting the photographs was stretching so I didn't.


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