Friday, March 25, 2016

Drowning a Red Hot Passion in a Blue Funk

Between the difficulties with the cataract surgery, which does seem to be improving, the struggle to get the lighting repaired in my rental studio, to the difficulties with Alcy’s computer it is really easy to get into a blue funk lately.

Finally after a full week of trying to install Alcy’s photo processing software on the computer her daughter gave her after her old computer went belly up succeed. I have never seen a computer that would not allow the install of trial software and this one sure didn’t. The problem was obviously in what programs had previously been installed or what programs and how much residual was left over when many programs were uninstalled to allow room for Alcy’s programs.

I do have to hand it to Corel, their patience and stick-to-itiveness went far beyond where I would have thrown in the towel. Excellent, excellent service.
 Then Google decided to give away Nik software suite for free. The timing couldn’t have been better. I had purchased Nik Suite just shortly before my last desk top crashed some years ago but was still able to use an older copy of Color Efex Pro which had been part of a Paintshop Pro package three or four versions back. Alcy had lost CEP when her laptop crashed and it would not run on my 64bit version of PSP so I had to keep the old 32bit PSP v 7 and switch back and forth. Well, the Google give away solved both problems and I added Silver Efex and Viveza. It will take me awhile to relearn Viveza which was the foundation for Nikon’s Capture NX2—a great piece of software that was totally not understood by the Photoshop crowd.

So bad things have transpired; good things have transpired. At my age life is mostly a roller coaster ride but I always enjoyed roller coasters so I guess that is okay.

Photography for the most part has been on the back burner. Hope tomorrow to get out to some of the Photofest 2016 venus and to the No Name Brewery in Katy to see Debi Beauregard’s photographs installed there.

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