Monday, January 18, 2016

New Direction--for a day or two anyway...

Well, now that I am a “digital artist” rather than a photographer I decided that I needed a new look to my blog. Again, that is a falsehood but a better story than what actually happened. For some reason my blog background decided to get lighter. I didn’t like it and couldn’t figure out how to fix it so I selected a slightly different template that allows me to use a picture of my studio as a background. I kinda liked that so I switched—excuse me, upgraded.

Did some modeling yesterday for Debi Beauregard and think I am going to up my modeling fee—I’m good! Hope she will let me post a few when she is finished processing.

I’m still stuck with a rental while the Escape is getting its collision damage fixed. I had a girlfriend once that asked me what a co-lieʹ-son was. I told her I didn’t know and ask where she heard it. She said that we just passed a billboard that said, “Don’t let a collision spoil your holiday” and she needed to know what it was so she could avoid it. Can’t get girls like that no more.

I’m posting so much to Facebook that I am forgetting what I have or have not posted to the blog. Forgetting is something I do well. Yesterday I thought I had lost my laptop because I forgot that I left it at the studio. Drove the $*#@ Fusion that I can’t see out of all the way out to Alcy’s after dark to see if I left it there. She told me I left it at the studio and she was right. Anyway here are a few that I have been playing with lately…


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