Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Backwoods Photo Shoot

A friend, Paula Powers, does fantastic digital art. She had an idea that stemmed from memories of her grandfather and wanted to do a project that was in a way a memorial to him. Her grandfather played the violin and it would have been great to have located one that we could have borrowed for the shoot but that did not work out.

Paula wanted a backwoods, Appalachian feel to the images, so I suggested a park outside of Humble that has a collection of log buildings. Paula's friend Dennis Hahn who does reenactments volunteered to pose and did an outstanding job. Kathy, his wife, came along dressed in a fantastic coat. Although we concentrated on photographing Dennis, I couldn't resist getting at least one photo of Kathy.

I have tried several manipulations styles and I think that many of them work although I am personally partial to the pencil sketch styles.


  1. great location, great clothes, great model, great processing!!

  2. Jan, as always, greatly appreciate your encouragement. Thank you. Gary