Monday, November 23, 2015

Via Colori

Joe at Barnabys for breakfast
I signed up for a shoot at Via Colori with Houston Photowalks. The instructions was to use the Lens Baby, which I did. Well, I could hardly refuse since it was at a Photowalks event that I won the Lens Baby in a drawing. I really should use it more often and appreciate being forced to get it out of the closet--Thank you Joe!

For those not familiar, Via Colori is a sidewalk art festival held each year in Houston. Possibly a hundred or so artists so some amazing work with chalk on several blocks of Houston streets.
 Shooting at places like Via Colori are a lot of fun. One of my favorite things to TRY to do is to find design in chaos and Via Colori provides lots of practice.
I also sighed up with the Katy Meet Up so I could use a regular lens...

But I got one head shot. I saw this lady with a bright yellow sun painted on her cheek. She seemed to be having so much fun with her friends that I couldn't resist asking for a photograph. I shot a couple and love this one...

Still have a couple of hundred more to process between Liendo and Via Colori. I may never finish and I really need to get prints ready for an upcoming show early next month and get new stuff framed for the studio wall. Then Dickens on the Strand is in a week or two... I may never get caught up.

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