Thursday, October 15, 2015

George Hartmann Bridge

Proposed photoshoot sunset at Fred Hartmann Bridge (not sure why I call it the George Hartmann Bridge--maybe a throwback to Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman).

Did a dry run and am suggesting that the shoot be proponed until there is a possibility of clouds. Wish I had time to see Alcy's or Debbie Henderson's results because they were shooting with longer lenses. I did these for documentation and wanted the overall picture.

Lots could be done to improve these results: a longer lens being the most helpful. The sunset is almost perfectly positioned but the transit between the towers is for the most part too high to be photogenic and besides you can't see anything with the sun so bright--could hardly compose the images. Shooting from the far side of the marina would give some foreground interest but the masts of the sailboats mingle with the towers of the bridge--still, this is what I might try the next time.

Also waiting till later after the sun goes down for long exposures when the bridge is lit, the lights of the moving vehicles forming a solid line and the lights of the industrial plants in the background showing might also be a possibly for interesting photos.

If I had waited a little longer it might have been possible on a vertical composition to include the moon but it was a very thin crescent.

Anyway, this should give everyone an opportunity to determine whether or not they want to make the drive to Baytown. As I said in the email, I will be more than happy to meet you there but I think it would be advisable to wait for a more interesting sky--but how do you plan that? Unless I get calls I am scrubbing the shoot for now even though the position of the sunset is almost perfect.

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