Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dorothy Hood and the South Texas Museum of Art

Had an interesting experience last evening. Debi Beauregard got tickets to the opening night at the Houston Fine Art Fair. It's a little up scale for this country boy but I enjoyed it very much. It was mostly galleries showing art for sale. Much of it was selling for multiples of the value of my house car and cameras. Didn't see a single Cezanne, Warhol or Picasso that was anywhere near twenty bucks.

The highlight of the evening was meeting the Director of the South Texas Museum of Art in Corpus Christi. They received Dorothy Hood's estate when she passed away a few years ago. I mentioned that Janet had been Dorothy's photographer from about 1978 until her stroke in 1985. I still have all the 4x5 transparencies and possibly some black and white negatives and was curious if the museum would be interested in them. He said they would be.

It is a possibility that Dorothy had copies of most of the photographs that I have and that the museum already has them. However, frequently we photographed in private collections as well as doing quite a few photographs for a PBS documentary on Dorothy. There might be some of those that she  did not have.

I have been concerned about what to do with Janet's work and this will at least take care of a part of it. I am not sure but what it might lead to an outlet for the pieces that I have.

In all it was a productive as well as enjoyable evening, thanks to Debi.

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