Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Weekend

Saturday morning Alcy and I met with Northwest Houston Photo Club for breakfast and then a photoshoot at Glenwood Cemetery...

Hill Angel No. 2

Hill Angel (Grieving Angel) No. 1


Schulmann Angel

Dickson Angel

Lucas Angel

Donavant Angel

Urn at Lee Family Marker

Hughes Family Plot - Howard Hughes Burial Site

Gravestone Gene Tierney Lee

Applewhite Bronze

On the way back to the studio we stopped at one of my favorite 'walls' to do a tribute to Aaron Suskind which I haven't had a chance to process yet.
 We were up at 3am the next morning to drive to Galveston to do a sunrise photoshoot on the Strand with Houston Photowalks. This was one of the two times during the year when the sun rises in alignment with the main business street in Galveston, the Strand. Rain prevented seeing the alignment but there is next year.

Early Morning Standoff--we both wanted the same side of the street

As close at it came to happening

Last Shot--finally giving up
 Alcy had to have a ride on the ferry. We planned to immediately turn around and come back on the next ferry to grab breakfast but the line on the Boliver side was at least a mile long. We decided to drive the extra fifty miles and come back to Houston via High Island. We stopped in Winnie for breakfast where I grabbed a tribute to Irving Penn.

We downloaded the cards, grabbed a couple of hours nap time and then we ended the day with a photoshoot at Pundt Park with Shabby Chic Meetup. Sorry, I grew up swimming in cow tanks so I have a pretty good tolerance for water pollution--cows do not have proper toilet training. But this place smelled and looked like raw sewage so we didn't stay long or do many photos.

And another weekend draws to a close.

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