Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Alcy had a couple of days off so we headed to Galveston with the intentions of possibly shooting inside St Mary's Basilica and hopefully the white church across from the Bishop's Palace, Scared Heart.  The Basilica was not open so we shot a few photos of the outside even though the light was not particularly good.

We skipped Scared Heart but did stop briefly at St Patrick's on Broadway.


Moving on, we found a colorful mural at the Hula Hut and then went back to a colorful restaurant on Broadway that Alcy had spotted. Decided to eat at El Gusto and would recommend it. The enchiladas were extremely good and reasonably priced. The staff was very friendly. We generally eat at Salsa's when we want Mexican but this is much more reasonable and might become our favorite. It was a good choice.

Stopped at a Black History Museum for some shots of the murals. Alcy stayed in the car where it was cool. It also provided, if needed, a faster escape mechanism from the two guys standing in their lawn across the street watching me take photographs. They were much more curious than threatening.

Both sunset and sunrise were pretty much non-events. After shooting so many of each in Galveston it is difficult to find a new POV especially when the event will not carry the image.

We met a man from Amarillo who was also on the beach photographing the sunrise. I mentioned that it was pretty unspectacular he commented that the people up north would never know the difference and kept right on shooting. I suppose he was right.

I almost forgot to include my best shot of the day. After we shot the Hula Hut we walked down the alley. Galveston's alleys are full of photo ops. Anyway around the corner we found this commode sitting in an open door--needless to say, I couldn't pass up the opportunity.
And this shot of Alcy taking a break from processing photos when she would much rather have been out walking along the beach. We did not fall for the "room with ocean view this time" and we did get back from shooting in time for me to have waffles. So, in all it was a successful trip even if it was very short.
Alcy had ordered a couple of flowers from a florist that we needed to pick up. They didn't have what she ordered so we got a Calla Lily and a Ginger. Went to the studio and ended the day shooting flowers for her portfolio. Of course after she left I snuck in a few shots of the Calla...

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  1. A pretty good accounting of our 2 the images,even the Calla!