Thursday, August 13, 2015

Continuing With Painting Backgrounds...

Got Ixfinity installed this morning so AT&T is out of my life. Don't know how I am going to make up for the call every other day to sell me Uverse.

While I was waiting for the installation to be completed I added another coat of paint to the two backgrounds I started yesterday. May still apply another coat but first I am going to start two new ones that will be mostly dark gray and dark brown.Then I may switch to spray paint. Got some ideas there that I want to try. These I wanted to be dark but with the spray I may try some really bright colors.  Just might make a career out of painting backgrounds for flower photos--any takers?

The installer asked me if I was an artist. I would have thought from looking at the work he would have realized that I wasn't. I mean, I am using a brush intended for painting houses--that should be a clue.

The poor tulips have just about bit the dust. I know how they feel.

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