Friday, May 1, 2015

Back to High Island and Galveston

Debi Beauregard and I intended to spend a couple of days at the High Island rookery but on the way down changed plans. We went through Galveston to meet up with a friend of Debi's that would be doing a senior shoot the next morning. She asked Debi to assist so we canceled the motel at High Island and got one in Galveston. The same motel where Alcy and I stayed that had rooms with ocean view. We did not opt for ocean view and it was hardly more expensive than Motel 6, and much nicer.

We spent some time helping Diane find suitable locations for her shoot and I did my usual Galveston texture shots.

We did drive over to High Island for the afternoon light. Frankly Scarlet it wasn't very exciting. I have lots of rookery photos to process but I have been processing birds for two weeks so it may take a while to get more up.

We were on East  Beach well before sun up to begin the senior shoot. I took photographs of the shoot.  After sun up we moved to the Strand to finish the shoot downtown where I once again shot photos of Debi being a carbon based light support and entertained myself photographing textures and street lighting.

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