Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ridin' the Rails

Again, in spite of the weather, there was an excellent turnout at the Open Studio at Aurora. On the way home I had a call from Jerry Klumpp asking if I would like to ride the rails tomorrow with him and Darnell. I have always wanted to jump a freight to see where it would take me so I was excited at the opportunity. That is when he explained that they were going to start on one end of Metrorail and ride to the other, getting off to take photos as opportunities came up. Well, I had always wanted to do that also so I went for it.

We met at the park and ride on the north end of Metrorail and rode to the south end. Stopped off downtown for a walk-a-round and again at the MFA for lunch at Café Express. The ride south was stand up only because everyone was going to the rodeo. In all it was a fun day with great company. I am not sure that I got much in the way of photographs but I did get a couple that I liked. Will finish the processing tomorrow and may post a few more.


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