Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ellinger and St Mary's Catholic Church

Alcy knows much more about the back roads of Texas around Houston than I do. That is when it comes to where to stop to shop or eat. According to her, Hurusha's in Ellinger is a must stop for kolaches. I'm glad we did because we noticed a sign as we were pulling in pointing to St Mary's three miles up the road. The light was not good but we took a few photographs.


I did  a few shots in the graveyard but I only got a one of a crucifix that is a keeper.

Sometimes I make a major mistake and end up with something that I think is much better than I was going for. The following photograph is an example. I accidentally set the camera to DX mode which did a pretty severe crop that I did not notice until after takeing several photos. On this photograph of Madonna and Child, I would never have intentionally composed this way. However it is much stronger than the simple documentation that I had intended. DuChemin says that you still get credit even if it is a mistake.


  1. i like it - and you don't have to tell anyone if it was an accident! HA

  2. Jan, thank you. I am sorry it took so long to reply to this comment. You are correct about not admitting to the 'accident.' DuChemin says you get credit for it anyway. But something that Hattersley imbedded in my psyche is that we are imperfect beings and sharing that about ourselves is a gift to others. It is an area where I have a great deal to give.