Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Roadtrip to Bastrop

Alcy and I took a roadtrip to Bastrop. It didn’t provide much in the way of photographs but it was an enjoyable couple of days. We made some discoveries along the way even though the light was not spectacular hopefully someday we can go back.

We stopped briefly in Columbus and Ellinger on the way, spent some time in the Bastrop State Park and on the way back stopped for lunch in Giddings and made a drive to Sebin.

Basically I came back with a few documentation shots, some texture and a few crucifix so I guess it was worthwhile. Really would like to have some clouds in the sky. This morning on the way to the studio beautiful white fluffy clouds filled the sky—I cursed my fate all the way.

Monday we had pizza in Bastrop at Neighbor’s Kitchen just as the sun was going down.

The next day we spent the morning in the state park and did a brief walk around of Bastrop before heading back to Houston.

The old highway bridge over the Colorado River has been turned into a walkway. Along the sides people have secured padlocks to the chain length fence. Alcy says the story is that if you have moved to Bastrop and never intend to leave you ‘lock’ yourself in with a lock on the bridge. A take off on the Love Bridge in Paris where couples lock their love in by placing a lock on the bridge. The bridge in Paris collapsed from the weight of the locks. I don’t think the bridge over the Colorado is in much danger but it did make an interesting grouping of photographs.


  1. Ronnie and I saw the love locks on the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence some years back. He had the idea of placing a love lock somewhere on our 45th, so we went to Love Lock, Nevado and placed it along with many others on the courthouse lawn. There is absolutely nothing to see or do in Love Lock, Nevado (besides placing a love lock) but afterwards we drove over to Lake Tahoe to make the trip more worthwhile.

  2. Jan, that is simply a great story. You are two very lucky people, probably should say blessed to be more accurate.

  3. Thanks, yes, we are blessed! Did you ever see any of my love lock photos? If not, let me know and I'll email you one of my favorites.

  4. I have not seen your love lock photos and would appreciate seeing your favorite.