Monday, February 23, 2015

1940 Air Terminal Museum

It has been a little quiet lately. For Open Studio last Saturday night I lost all my wingmen so I mostly hid out working on photos from the shoot that morning at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum with Houston Photowalks. Alcy and I had plans for today but spent most of the day shopping and eating.

Went to Panera’s for lunch. I wasn’t particularly hungry but Alcy said they had pretty good soup. Instead I opted for Mac and Cheese. I should have known it would be yuppiefied—shell macaroni and some white looking cheese. Wasn't all that bad but I craved a big chunk of Velveta to give it some down home flavor. Someone needs to introduce them to Mama’s Mac and Cheese with elbow macaroni and Cheese Whiz—now that’s good eating.

Got the rest of the week to myself so I picked up a few items to take to the studio for tabletop photography. Need to get out, hit some trash piles and scrounge up some really interesting grunge backdrop materials.

I have twenty some 18x24’s on the way so I picked up some new frames since they were  on for half price at Michael’s. And picked out a frame for the painting I recently got from Sue Lorenz, one of the artists at Aurora. So it was a fruitful day. Just wish this darn cold weather would go north where it belongs.

1940 Air Terminal Museum



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