Thursday, January 15, 2015


Alcy has been under the weather with a serious sinus infection for the past several days and it has been uncomfortably cold for Houston--or at least this Houstonian. So we are photographing ice. I am calling it that because I don't want it getting around that I am photographing flowers.

I am really just riding the coattails of Alcy's latest project but that's okay. She's not complaining, yet.

We still have a few logistics to work out but this may be an ongoing project. Don't tell anyone but it does beat Mercer. I need to create a light box that is workable and inexpensive. Sure wish I could figure a way to do this at the studio with the copy stand but I think that is out.

Alcy has a different name for her portion of the project but I am thinking Winter's Flowers.


  1. Lisa, thank you. It's a fun project. As you might have discovered I frequently rail against flower photography. There is purpose in such madness. Because everyone does flower photography it is a usable euphemism for much of amateur photography that I find self defeating or at least debilitating. This morning I woke well before the alarm. I lay there thinking about why that is--why I find it necessary to find fault with amateur photography. I often do my best writing/thinking in the stilly night ere slumbers chains have bound me or in this case unbound me. I only wish I could remember all the good stuff when I am fully awake. LOL

    I enjoy seeing a photographer approach a new way of seeing the familiar and Alcy being an avid flower photographer is doing that with this project. I am pleased that she is letting me join in. This past year she did a portfolio on artificial flower arrangements she found in antique stores which I believe was, for her and for the people who viewed the portfolio, very ground breaking material. Unfortunately I am afraid that our photographer friends were not able to recognize the significance that she was showing them; something that I find very sad. I contend that the difference between a picture taker and a photographer is the ability to see a photograph as a photograph rather than as the subject matter of the photograph. In a photograph an artificial flower is no less than a real flower. Both are reduced to the same things--line, form, shape and tone. Yet her photographs, as I suspected they would be, were discounted mostly because the flowers were not real and therefore presumed less suitable as a photographic subject.