Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Strange Day

It was an interesting day. Alcy needed some work done on her car so I picked her up at the garage at 8am. She suggested driving to Egypt but she really meant Hempstead. We had barely got past 249 at Tomball when she got a call that the car was finished. We never made it to Hempstead but we did drive several backroads up to Magnolia and then headed back.

I had a UPS package due for delivery so I drove to the house to get it while she did some needed shopping and we met at the studio. Thought we would drive downtown and check out the Field of Lights installed at Discovery Green. I found the installation interesting but very difficult to photograph. I tried several things from very out of focus to soft focus to zooming during exposure. Didn’t get much that was exciting. I had been wanting to get back to Discovery Green to give the Winged City sculptures another try. This time I think I did better but I will save them for the next post.
There are thousands of lights lining one of the major walkways. They periodically change colors. Next time, if I get a chance, I am going to be more patient and wait for the lights to intensify the color. I will also wait for the color in the foreground to change to something other than white. I shot too many that were very washed out color or totally white.


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