Thursday, December 25, 2014

Becoming a Tradition

I don't suppose you can call something a tradition if you have only done it twice, but shooting downtown on Christmas Day is worth making a tradition.

Alcy, Debi and I did Christmas on Tuesday, Debi did family Christmas on Wednesday and Alcy had to work today, Thursday. 

So today, Debi and I met at the studio at 6:15am and headed downtown to shoot the city deserted on Christmas Day. We were not the only people there but there were very few. We arrived well before sunrise to take advantage of the blue hour--that lasts about fifteen to twenty minutes We shot until almost 9. Then we headed to Denny's for breakfast and decided to catch a movie. Saw something about some fellow who broke the German enigma code during World War II. Pretty good though I'm not much of a movie person. By then Alcy was off work so we drove out and picked her up for dinner. A little cold early in the morning but in spite of that a very nice Christmas Day.

Tomorrow it is back downtown to do the Winged City again with Debi and Paula. Alcy is doing family Christmas but will join us if they finish early enough. Then it will be over for another year.


  1. Lisa, thank you. I enjoy photographing in downtown Houston. Even though I keep telling myself that I am gong to take advantage of Metro so I don't have to worry about parking I don't seem to get down there as much as I would like.