Friday, December 12, 2014

A friend kindly gave me matinee tickets to the Trans Siberian Orchestra playing at the Toyota Center. Since Debi is frequently off on Friday I asked if she would like to go along.

We met at the studio at 2, the concert began at 4. Stopped at The Lake House for something cold to drink and at about 3:40 headed over to Toyota Center. There sure wasn't any crowd--that is when I realized that the tickets were for the 19th not the 13th. We had paid for parking until 11pm so we grabbed our cameras and did a walk around.

Debi and I had both shot the Winged City sculptures within the last week but we decided to do them again. This time with off camera flash. Had a great time and got a few descent photos. At around 7 we decided we were hungry and would try the Grove at Discovery Green. Neither of us had eaten there so I mentioned that there was a Pappas Barbeque that was within walking distance and Debi said that there was a Pappasitos at the Hilton which was much closer. I finally found a place that can make a descent Enchilada.

The last time I took Debi anywhere we went to a Imago meeting at the Second Baptist Church. There wasn't anyone in the meeting room so we sat in the lobby and talked for almost an hour.  Imago normally meets on Tuesday night but for November and December they were meeting on Monday. We were a day late. Going to a concert a week early I figured made up for Imago and gave me a couple of oops to play around with later.

Anyway, we will go to the concert next Friday--and might just eat at Pappasitos again. In my defense--when you are seventy-five, unattached, unemployed and with not really much to do time, days, months (even years) really don't hold a lot of interest. Just think, if we had waited until next Friday we would not enjoyed tonight nearly so much. So snicker if you must but it was not a wasted trip.


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  1. a day spent with a friend, shooting (doing what you love) or eating at Pappasitos could never be a day wasted!!