Friday, November 7, 2014

Marilyn Monroe Show with Jerry and Darnell

Jerry and Darnell Klumpp and I drove over to Bisong Gallery to see the exhibit Marilyn, Lost Photographs of a Hollywood Star. These are photographs of Marilyn Monroe that have not previously been published. Many are taken by personal friends. Some are on movie sets or on movie locations. Interesting show. It will be at the gallery only through Saturday of this week. Jerry and Darnell talked extensively with the couple that collected the images—I listened.

Bisong is in the vicinity of the Nance Hardy Studios. We walked around the neighborhood taking photographs, mostly strange parking meters, texture and graffiti. A couple of the old homes that are falling down that Debi, Alcy and I have photographed in the past are no longer very photogenic. They have been boarded up and painted to conceal all their character. Glad we got there when we did.

As we were waking back to the car we passed this door that said, “Knock and Wait.” Jerry and I both shot photographs of the door and as we were walking away Jerry asked if it was a restaurant. Although there were tables with umbrellas along the side, I wasn’t sure and asked if they were hungry. Parked along the street were fairly upscale cars, Audi’s, a BMW and a couple of Lexus. Darnell mentioned that it looked like a fairly okay clientele. The knock and wait sign along with one posted in the window saying that the meter maids circled the block every fifteen minutes suggested a little Hernando’s Hideaway atmosphere so I mentioned that maybe we should consider that crime also pays well. We decided to chance it. Jerry went back and knocked on the door. When a young lady answered he asked if it was a restaurant. She said it was so we all went in. Interesting atmosphere, Mexican. I decided to chance the Enchiladas and asked for the carne gravy on the side just in case. The Enchiladas were excellent, the prices reasonable. We really enjoyed it so I have one more place where I can eat.

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