Sunday, November 2, 2014

I Stand Sunday

Interesting weekend. Had tickets for Renfest Sunday but Alcy got off Saturday so we went then. I tried to get someone to go back with me Sunday but everyone had something planned. I didn’t take many photos Saturday. This was my third trip this year and I have carried a different camera each trip. I got the D750 the day before so my unfamiliarity wth the camera presented problems. I think I am going to skip next weekend but going back the next on both Saturday (with Clayton) and Sunday (with Debi and Alcy). Should be one killer weekend.

I learned about I Stand Sunday and decided that I could make a framing class at the KCAM in Katy and still make the I Stand service at Grace Community down the Gulf Freeway. Seemed that was more important than Renfest. I had to leave Katy before the lecture was over and then only had time to stop at a service station to quickly grab a bear claw. Grace  Community is located at Dixie Farm Road and I45—the same exit for the Wings Over Houston Air Show which was winding down about the same time I needed to be there for the service. Traffic was a total mess even with six cops at every intersection directing traffic.

Mike Huckabee made a great speech. Enjoyed Todd Starnes from Fox News (gave a new definition for SOB, he said he was a God fearing, gun totin’ Son of a Baptist) and Phil Robertson is a very forceful speaker. He said to be thankful they only gave him ten minutes rather than thirty or forty—personally I’d like to have heard the forty-minute speech sermon, it wasn’t a speech. The Benham brothers were interesting and funny (sort of toned down Smothers brothers routines). There was a Hispanic (Cuban) preacher from Houston that I need to locate his church, a very forceful and dynamic speaker (sorry, looked it up and they don’t have English services).

I do not know what the seating capacity at Grace Community is but it was full—several thousand to say the least (looked it up, 10,000. There were no more than 200 seats vacant in my estimation). 700 churches across the country were tuned in via TV. Have a feeling it was a very successful venture. Getting in and out of the parking lot was an adventure in itself but pretty well planned out.

There’s another rally at the courthouse the day after the election. Gota be there.

In all a great weekend with sadly very few photographs.

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