Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Christianity Texas Style

Just want to remind everyone that the opening for the Christianity Texas Style exhibit at the Katy Contemporary Arts Museum will be tomorrow night, Thursday, November 13th, 5 to 8 pm. I will be there.

I went over to assist Debi in shooting portraits for the officers of an artists group and was able to see the installation. I was very pleased.

I chose to frame the photographs in fairly ornate gold frames which to me seemed to be a traditional method of handling religious art. After making the decision and spending a considerable amount of money, I was concerned that most of the works would be framed more modern and mine would stand out like sore thumbs. Well, as it turns out there is a 'gold room' where some of the gold framed art from collectors is being hung and my two photographs flank a huge extremely ornate gold framed painting of the crucifixion. I couldn't have asked for a better presentation particularly since both of my photographs are of crucifix.

There is one very slight problem. One of my photographs is hung sideways, but it is my fault. I was in such a hurry when I picked them up from the framers that I did not notice that they had put the hanging wire on the back for a vertical. After the show I will change it back but for now it works either way and having three verticals works better than changing it to horizontal. I'm sure no other artist has ever had a problem with finding their work incorrectly orientated. Interestingly it changes the context entirely but as I say, it works either way. I will just have people tilt their heads if they want to see my version. LOL Yeah, I know. How can you display a photograph of a crucifix sideways and still have it work. Believe me it does. You will just have to come to the exhibit to see how.

Look forward to seeing as many as possible there. After the opening I will post images of the two that I submitted.

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