Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I'm Already Moving and I Just Got My New Cards

Life moves much too fast sometimes for old people to keep up but it is moving. Alcy and I did a portrait shoot for one of her friends yesterday. This morning I am in the studio working on processing when Hans knocks on the door. A larger studio has become available.

This building, prior to being a group of studios was a neighborhood grocery. Hans has retained the ambiance by not tearing out all of the grocery store equipment. I am moving into the walk-in freezer. Hadn't considered but it may even be of preservation value. At my age that might be an unexpected asset. It is in the back of the building and Hans says that it is soundproof and I will be able to have a radio and listen to music which is not allowed in the remainder of the studios.

Interestingly my current space is bright white and airy but presents a problem with the overhead lighting as I have mentioned before. The new space is very dark and depressing--I will think I am at home. There is no lighting--it is definitely going to be a man cave with the emphasis on cave. The walls are a dark metal. My mind is reeling with possibilities already. It is going to be the perfect place to create the new series Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.

The big news is that I can do a full figure photo and control the lighting much better.. It will be strange but I am looking forward to it. Will move the first of next week


  1. congratulations on your new freezer! (i think) just don't let anyone shut the door with you inside! lol

  2. Jan, thank you. It is going to be interesting. Gary