Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hanging System

I am not sure that I am totally over the bug, but the hanging system has been sitting by the front door for three days now and I had to get started. Not being 100% probably contributed to my frustrations.

The young lady in the studio next to mine, a jewelry designer came over and asked if she and her sister came over to help things might go faster. I was extremely appreciative for her offer but it is hard enough to get Alcy and me and the equipment into my closet. I guess the blue air was floating into her studio. The studios have no ceilings and I knew they were all open to each other but I had no idea how much could be heard on the other side of the wall.
Alcy made some remark about taking me to the Boom Boom Room, a bar I THINK that is down the street. I shot back with some remark about, "What's a seventy-five year old gona do at a Boom Boom Room?" Laughter broke out on the other side of the wall. And we were talking about as softly as I can manage. Going to have to be really, really careful.
I sure am glad that all the people that reviewed the STAS hanging system found them so easy to install. I didn’t.

Part of the problem was that one wall was concrete block and I decided to do that one first. What a hassle. The other three walls are sheetrock and after I figured out what size pilot holes I needed were easier. I gave up on the block wall today. Need to wait until I have some help. Of the three walls I intended to install today, I actually accomplished one. Alcy wanted me to quit earlier but I had to get at least one wall with photographs. Now I need to start selecting photos to hang. For the time being I am going to leave the block wall alone even though it is the one that you can see from the door. As soon as I can get a volunteer over I will put up the system on the other two walls.
But, for now, I have something hanging. Ain't much but it is something.

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