Friday, August 15, 2014

Beaumont, Port Arthur

Made a two day run to the west edge of the Golden Triangle. On the way we made a detour down to Oak Island and Double Bayou to see if there was any possibility there for a sunset over water. It’s much too long a drive for the limited possibilities.

We did stop in Deena’s Donuts in Oak Island for a cold drink. Got there about a half hour before they were to close. While Alcy paid for the drinks Debi was chatting with the owner. She ask how many donuts they made daily and somehow that lead to the owner sacking up a full sack of glazed donuts and a very full sack of donut holes. I made myself sick on donut holes—but it was worth it.

The plan was to photograph Debi’s Sophie dress form around the many Beaumont musuems and along Crockett Street after dark. Crockett Street was a ghost town but we did shoot Sophie in front of the Jefferson Theatre which did have lights on. I didn’t do too well, hope Debi and Alcy did better. Went back to Crockett Street Friday morning.

We stopped by Saint Anthony Cathedral Basilica twice, once late Thursday afternoon and again Friday morning for different light. Also stopped by the Spindletop museum and stopped in Nederland on the way to Port Arthur. Got hit with a downpour just as we were about to start photographing in Port Arthur. Waited it out and got a few good photos.

Way short of finishing processing but here are a few of my favorites from the two days. Will post the Sophie photos separately.
Oak Island


St Anthony's

Spindletop Museum

Most of the photographs in Port Arthur were of Sophie, but I did take this one photograph that made the entire trip worthwhile for me. This skeleton of a bird was inside one of the store front display windows. The window was extremely dirty so I was pleased that anything came out. Going to add this to my Who Killed Cock Robin series. It's sort of a reverse of The Twa Corbies.

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  1. i like your images,looking forward to more.
    I put 2 up on FB..spider and gas station.