Sunday, August 3, 2014

Art in the Park

After shooting the still lifes Debi and I went to shoot Art in the Park at La Centerra at Cinco Ranch. The idea was to shoot the activities around Central Green. I didn’t do very well. Event photography is like still lifes—not really my thing.

Although I might self-aggrandizingly mention, La Centerra is the location of Babaloo International CafĂ© and Bar which currently is hanging four of my ‘people pictures’ from the Renaissance Festival. Of course they are dwarfed and greatly over shadowed by the ten 30”x40” canvases that Debi did of Sophie. But I thought I would mention it anyway.

I actually only came home with one photograph—but to me it was well worth the trip. This little lady was the organ player in the band that performed music from the Forties.
If you remember the Forties you can recall how ingeniously almost everything could be repaired by using either bailing wire, bobby pins or occasionally a wooden clothes pin. Were those the days or what?

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