Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Day Alcy Tried to Starve Me

Alcy drove me to a doctor's appointment. We grabbed breakfast at Chick around 8:30am. Stuck around after the appointment to shoot a few pictures of the Co-Cathedral from the parking garage.

Decided to drive to Galveston but we didn't stay long. Stopped in Starbucks for a coffee and cookie then walked across the street to photograph in the alley behind Col. Bubbies (which regretfully is going out of business; one of my favorite places in Galveston) and then took the ferry over to Bolivar.

The line to get back on the ferry was a mile long so we decided to return to Houston by a different route. Drove over to High Island and then north. Stopped in the Anahuac Refuge, glimpsed a couple of gaters, saw a few birds but nothing very exciting. It was getting late so we drove down to Smith Point on Trinity Bay to see if there was anything there for a sunset--wasn't. But by then it was too late to go anywhere else so we did what we could. We were seventy miles of mostly country from Houston and that meant seventy miles from a restaurant and darn hungry--that Starbuck's cookie had worn off hours ago. Around ten we pulled into a Denny's. Then we sat there for two hours processing photos. A long, not very productive day, but interesting.


  1. What?Try to starve you? Yo are my most favorite person.I wouldn't starve you,just take yo on a long ride.

  2. My u key doesn't work all the time LOl