Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sophie Does Old Town Spring

This is Debi Beauregard's project, not mine but occasionally she let's me tag along. She and Alcy both were free today so we headed to Old Town to find backgrounds for Sophie.

Sophie is a well traveled dress form. Alcy has a good friend that owns a tea room in Old Town. She arranged a visit for Sophie. We ended up at Jailhouse Saloon rated as one of the twenty-five best biker bars in Texas. The bar has a ceramic Mexican that like Sophie has traveled from  Hawaii to the east coast. They have documented his travels but the book was out for updating. As we went in there was a sign that they did not serve women--you had to bring your own so I explained that we brought Sophie to comply with their requirements. In all it was interesting finding places for Sophie to visit. We talked about other places and think we are going to hit the Kemah Boardwalk next and then maybe spend a weekend in the Port Arthur/Beaumont area.


  1. she's lovely in blue. and she does get around! i question her presence in some of the places she is seen though. ;)

  2. She is pretty adventuresome. Takes after Debi and has not seen a no trespassing sign that she understands.