Monday, July 14, 2014

A Different Day

Met Scott Anderson at 59 Diner for lunch and to talk photography. He had never been to the Beer Can House so we headed that direction. Decided to detour by Mr. D's new mural and that always means a walk around the 2800 block of Main Street to shoot the graffiti of Daniel Aguilar.

Met a new photographer that wants to shoot with us--I have got to figure out a way to notify everyone when we go out.

The Beer Can House closed at 2pm so we only got to do shots from the street and then headed back to 59 Diner. Scott bought dinner and we sat around and talked till almost sundown. For years I have said that I was going to photograph the 59 Diner sign at sunset--finally did it thanks to Scott.

Didn't take as many photographs as I normally do on a day of shooting but got a few I like and greatly enjoyed the day.

Mural and 2900 block of Fannin/Main

Beer Can House

59 Diner



  1. You photographed details that my eye never saw, even tho we followed behind each other. When searching for details to photograph, I think my mind is so overwhelmed with larger 'picture' that it becomes too chaotic for me to see the details. Like trying to listen to someone amongst the noise of a very loud room. I need to overcome this in order to become a better photographer. Love your images. Especially the detail of the men in the row boat. Good eye!


  2. On second look I guess the image that I am referring to is actually a military celebration of capturing a city maybe?

  3. Scott, thank you. I really enjoyed shooting the 59 sign. Been planning on that for a long time.

    The 'row boat' was inside that first building where we shot the glass chards. I had shot there once of twice before and had not seen it before. One of the fun things about shooting with others is that everyone sees and photographs different things. It is just nature.