Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge

I am not sure I am considered 'wildlife' but I did spend a good deal of time in the Wichita Mountains when I was younger.  We just called them 'the mountains'. They are about fifty miles north of Burkburnett
near Lawton, Oklahoma. It was a great place to go when you played hooky--or for any other reason.

I am not a wildlife photographer. I am not a nature photographer or a scenic photographer. That is the main thing that the mountains taught me. I wasted an awful lot of film trying to be.

The Visitor's Center

The closest I came to descent wildlife photography was in the Visitor's Center. I told Alcy that was my kind of wildlife photography--shoot 'em , stuff 'em and put them in an air conditioned room and I would take up wildlife photography.

And Reality

It was disappointing because I wanted Alcy to see herds of buffalo roaming the Plaines. She said she saw a small herd back in the trees shortly after we entered the park but I wanted to hold out for a large herd up close--that didn't happen. I saw a total of three buffalo, all individual bulls and none close to the road. We did see several herds of longhorns way off the road and two that we got fairly close to but I didn't get a descent shot of any of them. The wildest thing I shot all day was wearing a white t-shirt.



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