Monday, June 16, 2014

Preservons la Creation

There was an interesting interview with Sebatien Boileau, Mr. D, in Bayou City Daily (I believe) about the nature of graffiti art. It was announcing the opening of his latest mural, Preservons la Creation, that faces the 2800 block of Fannin. It is the largest mural in Houston and is painted on a building that is scheduled to be torn down, as is his I Love You mural about three blocks away.

Our original intent was to photograph Sophie with Preservons, but as you can see it is fenced off probably as a result of The Biscuit Paint Wall having recently been defaced. 

Since we couldn't photograph Sophie there satisfactorily we did a walk around a building we have frequently photograph which covers the entire 2800 block between Travis and Main Streets. There is almost always something there that is new.

Debi palpates over No Trespassing signs and as always throws herself into her work. Seeing a small crack it is, "Can we go in, huh, huh, can we?" One day she is going to really get me in real trouble. But such is the nature of exploring.


 The article talks about the Mr. D's intent: "Boileau's Preservons la Creation blends the artist's interests in street art and Italian Renaissance culture. Although he's used a recognizable image —Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam, an iconic fresco of the Sistine Chapel — Boileau's goal is not to simply replicate a significant work of the past. As one of the most reproduced images, The Creation of Adam has the advantage of being readily identified by the masses. Boileau's choice is on purpose. He wants to inspire an audience who may not be familiar with street art to discover the passion of its creators.

"I want to encourage people to have the same type of reaction as when they go to a museum or see a cultural relic like the Sistine Chapel," he adds. "When you see an impressive work of art, it's almost like a religious experience. Why not think of urban art in the same light?"

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