Friday, June 27, 2014

Nikon Still Doesn't Get It...

...okay, maybe they do get IT, but they sure don't get me.

I want a 'still' camera, not a 'movie' camera. I want a professional level camera with fully controllable WiFi or at minimum an articulated LCD. And not one that 'looks retro.' Yeah, yippee, ain't that a hoot! Almost three grand to look like you have been around for a long time. I'm all the retro that I need in my life and I'm the real deal. If I want a movie camera I will buy a Hero. Three grand is a little much for a camera that does nothing that can't be done as well with the D700 but shoot movies. Sorry, Nikon but your D810s doesn't cut it for me--so back to the drawing board.

BTW, Velocity Micro has lousy keyboards on their laptops--or at least mine anyway. Doesn't anyone touch type any more?

BTW, this is a rant or maybe two rants.

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