Wednesday, June 25, 2014

An Exercise

With the last two days in antique stores I am running behind on processing so this was probably not the best use of time.

Working on my crucifix project I noticed crucifix this hanging up high in one of the booths. I love shooting in antique stores but I absolutely hate to photograph pegboard. Try to avoid it where I can. I made my usual, “Ugh” comment. Alcy said not to worry, I could clone it out. Well the photo at high ISO wasn’t all that interesting but I thought, “Why not?” 

I know there is a school of thought that says it has to all be done in the camera. My reply is “Poppycock!” My school of thought is that you use whatever tools you have at your disposal to make the photograph you want. That doesn’t mean be sloppy but it does mean that there are things that the camera cannot do and I am not going to be foolish enough to think that I have to accept that. If it can be corrected in post, I do it in post and don't feel the least bit guilty about it. 

Anyway, here is the original and the finished, just for fun and practice.

 Of course, I may go back and reshoot this image with the Nikon because for this project the pegboard adds an element that I feel works. It was interesting practice.

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