Sunday, May 4, 2014

Calvert with a Borrowed Canon

Yes, I crossed over to the dark side and shot today with a Canon, thanks to Clayton Gardinier. Actually, it was thanks to Clayton that I had any camera at all to shoot with. It’s really a short story.

The alarm went off at 4:30am—well the clock radio came on, Art Bell on Coast to Coast. Having gone to bed at around 10, awoke at 11:50, again at 12 something, again at 3:52, each followed by a substantial period of time before I got back to sheep. As you might imagine, at 4:30 I wasn’t the most enthusiastic person for getting out of bed. Was seriously considering hitting the snooze when the room filled with a glorious light, the ceiling glowed in a very unfamiliar way. I wondered what spirits were visiting at such a wretched hour. Well unfortunately it wasn’t spirits, that would have been a relief. It was Alcy on my cell letting me know it was time to get up. I did, begrudgingly.

The plan was to pick up Alcy at 6am and meet with Debi and Clayton at the No Name Mexican restaurant in Waller at 7. From there we were going to drive the 120 miles to Calvert for a brief shoot. Debi needed to be back in Houston at 4pm for an opening at a gallery. Well Alcy and I did also as we were also planning to attend. It was going to be a fast and furious trip. We fell in love with Calvert and the people. Got invited into one home for a guided tour, Met a couple of other owners, was informed where to find a crypt that looked like it was straight out of a Vincent Price movie, spoke at length with the chef that owned Cocoamoda, We had drinks at the the Rusty Duck Pub when the owner invited us in to watch California Chrome win the Kentucky Derby, then got invited to a street dance that started at 6. We ditched the plans for the opening in Houston. It turned out that country people come to hear the music, not to dance so we stuck around almost an hour and then headed home. I was doing all I could to stay awake driving up so Alcy drove home. It was a great day.

The only difficulty was that I only took the Olympus. Thought about taking the Nikon but lazily decided against it. When I went to charge the Olympus battery the last time, it fell behind a piece of furniture and I forgot to get it out. Got to Calvert with a camera but no battery. Clayton graciously loaned me his extra Canon. I struggled with the controls but did come home with more than I would have otherwise. Its, after midnight so I probably won’t get any posted until tomorrow. Just had to say it was a great day. I am still convinced that you won’t find people anywhere any better than you find in a small Texas town. We will be going back to Calvert, but this time we will spend at least two days there. 


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