Monday, April 21, 2014

After the Texas

The battleship tour ended at 10am and we could have stuck around to do more photographs but I had two openings that I wanted to make. They were both at galleries where I am on the list for a studio so Debi and I headed back to Houston.

Stumbled around and got a few Woodard shots, nothing special. Made one FotoFest gallery and then hung out in some antique stores but didn’t find any crucifix (my present kick). Made one of the openings but I think I had the date wrong for the second one. We learned from one of the ladies on the battleship that the documentary Finding Vivian Maier was showing at the River Oaks, so we went to the movie. The fun thing about hanging out with Debi is that we never have anything carved in stone and yet we always find something interesting to do. Lots of flexibility to change course in the middle of the stream. But by the time the movie was over and we discovered that I was wrong about the date of the opening we both were dragging and were ready to see what we accomplished on the Texas. We called it a day around seven or so and headed home.



  1. Michael, thanks. I always have to wait for Alcy to photograph any agave that we come across so I decided to join her.