Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Primary Day

Well, I went and pulled the levers—you have to be old to remember that. Only voted in a dozen or so of the races because I don’t generally vote in primaries where I know little or nothing about the candidates. However I was surprised this time because I voted for candidates more often than I voted against a candidate--I'll get a chance to do that in November. 

The only race I was not sure of was Lt Governor. I felt there were two viable choices and after I pressed the ENTER I began wishing I had gone with the other. And I voted for one candidate I know little about simply because we don’t need another Bush in Texas politics--particularly when everything he ran on had little or nothing to do with the office he was running for. Probably will lose that vote but in all I am pleased with my choices. Just hope we get John Cornyn and David Dewhurst into run offs. Won’t likely beat them in the primary but might in a run off. And Texas really needs to be rid of those two.

It would be poetic justice if Dan Patrick beat Dewhurst because it was Dewhurst's refusal to bring a tax cut to the floor of the Senate that launched Patrick's political career. That would be cool. That was the year that I said I would vote for Hillary Clinton if she ran against Dewhurst and everyone knows how much that would gall me! Dewhurst was set back on his tail when he lost the seat he just knew he was going to win in the U S Senate to Ted Cruz. That same election we got rid of Hutchinson when she thought she could beat Rick Perry and now on to Cornyn and Dewhurst.

The problem as I see it is that the public seldom if ever looks at what the politicians do. They only listen to what they say and believe me folks there is a vast gulf between the two. Even if there is a candidate out there that does support what you  believe is right and he says so you don't believe him because you have become so accustomed to all the lies. They all say what you want to hear. But they don't do what they say. John Cornyn has got to be a big a bald faced liar as is in the Senate which is full to the brim with bald faced liars. Yet he talks a good game and people fall for it. I am so ready to see him kicked onto his posterior. Just hope it is this time around.

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