Saturday, March 15, 2014

Only Debi Beauregard Can Get You Through This Door the invitation of the nephew of Don Vito Corellone no less. 

I am no where near finished processing the shots from the Luminarium but this was too good to wait. The two of us made an Foto Fest art crawl to Winter Street Studios, Summer Street Studios, Spring Street Studios, Vine Street Studios and Nance Street Studios.We saw some graffiti and decided to do some shooting. Seeing this boarded up house surrounded by Keep Out and No Trespassing signs we stopped to take photos. From the other side of the fence someone yelled asking what we doing photographing the house. Debi walked up to the fence and before I knew it we had an invitation to come inside and shoot.

The gentleman that had yelled at us, Bill, was cleaning up the house so it could be sold. He is a member of the notorious Corellone family--okay, that may be wishful thinking or hyperbole on his part but we didn't care. We had a interesting opportunity for photography. I realize that many would not have gone in. The house was in very dilapidated condition, probably not even safe and we had no idea how many additional people might be inside. But we felt that the opportunity was too good to pass up so we readily accepted Bill's invitation.


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