Sunday, March 9, 2014

Beans and Buildings

A few months ago I bought a package of pinto beans. At the time it sounded like a good idea—at least until I got them home. They languished in the pantry until I ran out of everything else in the house that was eatable. I loved the pinto beans that Janet cooked in the crockpot and surprisingly it still worked in spite of not having been plugged in for probably ten years or more. I forgot how long that took. I started at noon Friday and they were almost done at noon Saturday. I didn’t have anything to season them but salt and pepper but with a good slug of Tabasco or a couple of dollops of salsa they are not too bad. They probably would have been better if I had any earthly idea how to go about cooking beans but I didn’t. My last two attempts ended in disaster. The navy beans I forgot and let soak for a couple of days. That ended their usefulness. Hardly a problem because they were probably a couple years old or more so they might not have been much good anyway--that was the last time that the pantry was empty. The limas were canned but I forgot I had put them on to warm until the house filled with smoke. Cooking was never a strong suite (and in my case possibly dangerous) so when Janet could no longer supervise I should have bought stock in Denny’s.

Now the conundrum. I was singed up for a two-hour class in architectural photography at four in the afternoon and all I had to eat was pinto beans—not the ideal combination. But still I could not help dipping out a couple of spoonfuls or a small bowl every once in a while. Well about every thirty minutes. I love pinto beans--even as bad as I make them. Today, I am making a grocery run out of desperation—then I will sit back and eat pinto beans to my hearts content. But I have to process photos first. In case you are wondering I got through the class without a problem—thank goodness for the sake of those sitting around me.

Then the class went for a walk down Main Street to photograph buildings. I have no idea if these are architectural or simply night shots. I did remember to take a tripod but I left the cable release in the car. Still that was closer than I usually come to being prepared. 


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