Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Art Park on Highway 288

In about 2002, Janet and I started a project we had frequently talked about in the seventies and eighties—documenting the outdoor art in the Houston area. I did considerable research finding locations. Somewhere on some drive are my notes. Now I need to go back and find them because there was one location that we never managed to photograph. I don't remember the history but would like to know how it came to be.

Yesterday I picked up Debi when she finished her jury duty and we, as usual, started driving with no particular destination. I found myself on Hwy 288 headed south when I noticed an art park on the corner of 288 and Belfort—the one that Janet and I never photographed. It is an interesting place and I need to get back a couple of more times very early in the morning. A giant spider, giant chicken, strange creatures, Snoopy flying, hippo, rhino, King Kong, even a pick up truck hooked on a giant fishing pole and a stealth fighter—a very interesting place.


We finished off with coffee at the Catalina Coffee on Washington--which is now cheaper than Denny's!!!! Not going to pay Starbucks prices for Denny's coffee.


  1. Love the Snoopy one,but they are all pretty inventive.Were they on high poles?

  2. Thank you. As you can see, a few of the pieces are on the ground but many are on tall poles or on pedestals. Almost all of the pieces are large so there is a lot of shooting up. We hit the clouds just right. Just wish we had been there earlier to get raking light.

  3. I did not get a shot of the entire 'fishing pole', the one with the car. The pole itself is probably close to 100 feet high. The reel is probably twenty feet or more off of the ground. All of the pieces are large.