Friday, February 28, 2014


I was so dadgummed good yesterday that I treated myself to a movie and dinner today.

Many years ago I had a very good friend that was much into movies, I’m not. He was always recommending movies that I should see or should rent. Finally I went to a movie and couldn’t wait to share that with him. He asked my what I saw and when I said The Passion of the Christ, he said it sounded more like a political statement. Well, it was. Most everything that I do is a political statement. Thought I would make another one today. Went to see Son of God.

It was pretty good but the plot got leaked so there wasn’t many surprises. It was mostly a litany of the better known miracles. That was okay; a little remedial reviewing is never wasted. But as a movie I’m not sure it comes anywhere near The Passion. But, of course, this may entail adding a lesser known miracle—I went to a movie by myself and on my own volition.

Afterwards I drove down to Webster for dinner at Pappas Seafood. As usual in restaurants I created a problem. First I asked if they would sub oysters for the shrimp on the shrimp and catfish plate. I knew they would. Then I had to press my luck and ask if they could do a mixture of shrimp and oysters. I do not like shrimp. I love oysters. There was a reason for my request but when the waiter said that I would get five jumbo shrimp and eight to ten oysters I thought that sounded like a lot of food in addition to the catfish. The reason was that I had confused the waiter and he thought I wanted a combination plate. I realized that was probably the case after he left. When I mentioned that I had wanted the oysters and catfish with a couple of shrimp subbed for a couple of the oysters he said he would bring me the catfish. I really didn’t want to do that because it was really my fault for not being absolutely clear, but he did—I ate it all and even the shrimp was good. I don’t eat seafood much any more and I really miss it.

The Pappas in Webster was Janet’s favorite place to eat out even though we have two Pappas within five miles of the house and you have to pass three more to get to Webster. Somehow being that much closer to the bay made it taste better to her. She always ordered the shrimp and catfish and I ordered the same with the sub of oysters. Then I would swap a couple of oysters for a couple of shrimp—thus my strange request that started the problem. It probably wasn’t the place that I should have selected to eat today since it is her birthday. But, if it hadn’t been I wouldn’t have gone there, so I guess it was okay.

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