Monday, January 13, 2014

The 2800 Block of Main and Fannin

Several years ago I was headed for a photoshoot in Hermann Park. Driving down Fannin I noticed graffiti on a door that I had to turn around and photograph. It was painted by Daniel Anguilu. He says it was painted about three years ago so it must have been very fresh when I first saw it. The entire floor of this building has been painted on all four sides. I have photographed most of it two or three times so I didn't photograph all of it today. 

However while we doing the photograph, Daniel drove up and introduced himself. After talking a while I asked if he would mind sitting for a photograph. He graciously agreed. Then is when I told him I want to shoot it on the far side of the building in front of the wooden bird. Actually I shot the photo so close that not much of the piece is included. On the way back to his car I shot one more because the light was softer. Daniel mentioned that he is doing the graffiti on an underpass on Harrisburg that the new line of Metrorail goes through.

I am posting a photo of the wooden bird, a three-dimensional graffiti piece. I want to get back and shoot this side of the building again when the light is better. A deep shadow covered most of the upper half of the pieces. 

I am still working on processing these and the photos of the graffiti on the Metrorail underpass. They will be posted in a day or so. Temporary link to all the photos from January 12th
The Door on Fannin



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