Saturday, January 18, 2014

Something New

 I have decided to try something new. I have twenty-four pictures hanging in my computer room, most of which have been up for a number of years. For example over my computer desk is a group of four 16x20 photographs that have been there going on to thirty years. I know they have been there that long because the lady that lived next door when we first moved in here used to come over and ask to see them occasionally. They moved away many years ago. Her kids hadn’t started to school then and now they are out of college. I don’t change photographs often. These are photographs of me in my underwear taken during the dak drop craze. I love them because they were taken by Janet but mostly because back then my waistline was much closer in length to my inseam—like that is ever going to happen again so I cherish the memories.

A member of the camera club had his portfolio printed by a poster company, Shortrun Posters. They were remarkably good. A 16x20 print has been running me around $27 but a 18x24 poster in gloss finish is under $5. They only do two sizes, 18x24 and 24x36. Now I do have a few 24x36 frames but I don’t have any 18x24 frames. So I figured out a way to accurately mark the poster where I can trim it to fit the frames that I have. So today I sent Shortrun my first order for four 18x24 posters. Over the past couple of days I have prepared almost enough to fill all of the frames in my computer room plus a couple in the bedroom.

It was difficult deciding what to get printed but I started with my extreme manipulations and chose these two to go in the 24x36 frames in the bedroom.

I did a few smaller ones that I will trim out of the 18x24 poster for some of the smaller frames in the computer room, but the order I sent today is the following four headshots from the Renaissance Festival. If you look closely you will see the trim lines that I will use to cut them down to 16x20. As much as I hate to lose my photographs of me in my underwear, these will shortly hang over my computer desk. Considering the price, I may try changing them out more often, like every five to ten years. 


ADDENDUM: Jan 30th, the photos arrived yesterday. The trim lines were perfectly 16x20. They are now hanging over my computer desk and I have eighteen more to go to finish off the computer room. I am giving away a couple pieces of large furniture which will make considerable additional wall space for hanging. I might have to buy stock in Short Run.

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