Monday, January 6, 2014

Road Trip

Both Alcy and I needed to get out of town so we did a short road trip. Went to some new places but it was too cold, started out at 25 degrees and didn't warm up much. I drove because we needed heated seats. 

Shot an old barn that we shoot every time we pass by. But this time shot it from the back. I really like the grass more than the barn. Love the grass. Saw a cemetery sign so we turned around to check it out. That will be a different post.

Someone in the Katy group suggested a year long process of photographing small towns--right up my alley. I enjoy visiting small Texas towns and getting to wave or nod to everyone that I meet or pass. It's a great way of life. Can't remember now why in the h I moved to a city. Well, really I do but now it seems a mute point. It didn't save a marriage as hoped but it did bring Janet and I together so it was worth the move.



  1. Not sure where my comment went, so I will try this again. I believe the white house above is the Fanthorp Inn. If not, it reminds me very much of it. You can go to their website and see when they are offering tours (twice a month, usually). I went there with a group of ladies once and enjoyed photographing inside the house as well.

  2. Jan, you are correct. It is Fanthrop Inn and like most all of rural Texas, is closed on Monday. I guess they rest up from Sunday. LOL Stopped in the Owl Cafe in Anderson and they close at 2:30pm on Monday but are open until 8pm every other night.