Friday, January 3, 2014

Keny and a Buddha Board

Got the photographs of Keny back from Mpix this morning. The transformer across the street blew and I knew I was going to be without electricity for a couple of hours so I drove over to Dowling Street to deliver the thank you prints. Keny was the fellow Debi and I met Christmas Day. He had painted some faces on a dead tree which we photographed. I asked him to pose with the tree and he agreed so I had some 8x10's printed for him. He seemed pleased. We had a long talk. He hasn't eaten meat or dairy for forty years. I could never muster that much discipline. Can't live without my burgers and cheese.

Alcy gave me a Buddha Board for Christmas. So while I an waiting on the computer to do it's thing I split my time between playing Solitaire and doodling on the Buddha Board. You paint with water so you have to paint quickly before the first part of the drawing dries. As the water dries the image disappears and you get to start all over. I'm not too good with the brush but it is a lot of fun. She had suggested that I photograph the sketches. Had the Olympus sitting on the desk so I thought I would give that a try. 


My painting/drawing skill a below minimal--that is why I own a bunch of cameras. I think these are hold outs from eighth grade doodling in class. Most, believe me, no one will ever see.

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