Monday, January 13, 2014

Back of Building in the 2900 Block of Travis

I had seen this building numerous times but never stopped to photograph it although it is less than a block from a building that I have photographed several times. The building faces Travis but there is a open lot on Main so the back is fully visible for those driving on Main or riding Metrorail. While we were there we encountered another photographer, a social studies teacher. While we were talking with her a young man came up to ask for assistance so I got to do the first $2 portrait that I have done in a long time. After that the graffiti artist, Sebastien Boileau who goes by MrD, that had painted the building drove up. I regret that I did not ask him to sit for a portrait with the art. I took a lot of photographs and could have taken several times as many. Sebastien, who signs his work with a capital D incorporating a flame for the upright, said that the building is scheduled for demolition so I am pleased that we took the time to do the photographs. Here are some links for MrD: Twiter #ArtistMrD; Instagram #artistmrd; Facebook Artistmrd. And a temporary link to all the photo from January 12th

I have included a number of photographs where the graffiti has been painted over utility boxes. I have a tendency to do this when photographing at Alvagraphics (who incidentally I understand is moving).  It goes to my tendency to enjoy photographing rigidity and fluidity, order and chaos, geometric and free form in the same photographs. I am always intrigued the way the utility features are incorporated into the art work or camouflaged by the artwork.

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