Sunday, January 12, 2014

 I apologize to everyone that follows this blog but today is going to require more than one post—maybe several. Came home with almost 600 photos and yes there are many duds that will never see the light of day but among them are the records of some amazing experiences. Did my first $2 portrait in several months, met two graffiti artists and a young woman that is a high school social studies teacher that uses her camera to show her students things that they are not able to experience on their own. Got invited into Trinity Episcopal Church on Main Street that was designed by the same architect that designed the original building of Rice University. Debi says that we do not find things to photograph—things to photograph find us and I believe that is true.

Anyway, here is what started the day. Cody Duty, a photographer for the Houston Chronicle had done a photograph of a painted wall on Holman Street and Debi wanted to find the wall. We did. It was on one side of the Midtown Art Center. One thing led to another. We shot around the neighborhood on Holman including the main campus of Houston Community College. Ended up the day at an underpass on Harrisburg painted by one of the graffiti artists that we met.

As we were shooting the wall on Holman, a young man walked by. His shadow looked so much like a dog that Debi suggested the title, Walking the Dog and I couldn’t resist using it.

I will try to keep the post short by setting a separate folder on Flickr for today. Temporary link to photos from January 12th.

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